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Our trainers and mentors design, deliver and improve the capabilities of security agencies globally

Capacity Building

We build intelligence capacity – the ability to gather information and turn it into useable, effective intelligence. Our expertise has been gained confronting…

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Intelligence Led Solutions

As the world navigates the new and ever more complex threats of the 21st century, governments and security agencies need the ability to discover and disrupt the…

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Security Sector Reform

Effective security is measured in terms of lives saved and rising levels of public confidence. Security sector reform is typically initiated when existing security…

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Specialist Military Training

Within the world of specialist military training, New Century offers a truly unique service. We provide courses to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Special Forces (SF), ranging…

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Subject Matter Expertise

New Century’s trainers and mentors have gained a global reputation for excellence. We have selected the best names from Tier 1 and Tier 2 special forces…

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Doctrine-Based Training

Written, comprehensive doctrine and defined established procedures are at the heart of New Century’s training and capacity-building methodologies…

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Who we are

New Century helps governments build countries that are stable, safe and secure; places where citizens can live and work, where society can prosper.

We specialise in security. We have an unrivalled team of experts, with extensive operational experience, able to give those who have to deliver it the knowledge and tools they need to do the job.

New Century was established to provide the security framework for governments and security agencies to build host nation intelligence capacity. We have developed into a specialist training provider offering a full range of services ranging from HUMINT, to Information Operations, to Special Forces Training.

We have a global network of clients including our most highly valued, the US Government. New Century welcomes the chance to work with you.

“New Century has demonstrated a ground breaking approach for rapidly establishing host nation security force intelligence capacity and capability, first in Iraq and now in Afghanistan. The effects of the Legacy approach are potentially game-changing”
General Stan McChrystal, Commander ISAF

Leaders & Managers

New Century’s Executive Leadership team combines a powerful and effective blend of substantive operational practice and commercial acumen. Our management team combines extensive operational and commercial experience in the delivery of capacity building and security sector reform.

Led by Experience

Together they bring a wealth of Counter-Insurgency experience and provide strategic direction and oversee operational support to the business.  Their collective understanding ensures proper support for clients and gives our programmes clear focus and immediate strategic and tactical impact

Our Leadership Team





North America

South America

in 6 continents

Team experience

UK & Ireland

Canada & USA

India, Pakistan,


Sierra Leone,

France, Germany, Poland, Norway, Cyprus

Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea,
Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia

Brazil, Columbia,
Trinidad & Tobago

Kenya, Somalia, Cameroon,
Uganda, Congo, Angola

Kurdistan, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia

40 countries

Experience in over

over $700m


over 1,300

Man years:

over 620,000

Man days:

over 1,000

Experts deployed:

over 10,000

Military & police trained:

over 5,500

Officers mentored:

over 15,000

Course days:

over 1,150

Courses delivered:

Work for New Century

Do you have what it takes to join New Century’s dynamic team? The company has specialist career opportunities for Subject Matter Experts and also needs skilled translators and cultural advisors to assist them on the ground.

Click on the options below to see current vacancies or to register your interest in future roles by creating a Login and submitting a CV to our London office.

Case Studies

The Legacy Model

New Century created techniques for recruiting and handling sources in hostile environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan using hard-won Special Branch experience confronting terrorism in Northern Ireland ...more >

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