New Century is pleased to come together with Heckler & Koch in an exclusive joint venture with the world's leading small arms and light weapons specialists.  This union, called Heckler & Koch Advantage (HKA), delivers world-class weapons and tactical training to H&K customers, new and existing, worldwide.

Through the innovative 'H&K Standard' our aim is for HKA's customers to gain advantage, without compromise.  We not only provide firearms and tactics training but also most other specialised training disciplines associated with law enforcement and military units.

hk-advantage-01HKA instructors are all grounded in Special Forces units.  Ethical, doctrine-led training is delivered to protect civilians and communities and to maximise security in hostile and non-hostile environments.  Our training has been designed to enable H&K customers to operate to the highest professional standards, consistent with international law.  Operators are schooled in the use of proportionate and effective force in the context of the appropriate rules of engagement.  

Participants will be assessed against the H&K Standard, the only firearms accreditation award in Europe.

The ‘H&K Standard’ measures operational capability in specific skills and tactics including the overall effectiveness of the receiving unit.

Metrics are used to assess individual competence and the unit’s ability to undertake vital national security and defence missions against measurable criteria.  Highly effective operational command and control underpin this capability – these hierarchies can also benefit from the ‘standard’ through an acclaimed training and mentoring programme, utilising highly skilled and experienced SMEs.

HKA offers a comprehensive range of training courses which can be tailor-made to client requirements.  Our programmes build capability progressively to meet the needs of the host nation that have been agreed or identified through a training needs analysis.  To enquire about training courses please contact us.