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Nigel Howard to join New Century as Director of Customer and Business Development in September

July 2018

Nigel brings a wealth of experience to New Century after more than a decade in the defence sector, where he led on the development and implementation of numerous special projects for Government entities in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Previously he worked as consultant for the Defence Intelligence Service and as a contractor on several, US and UK conflict prevention programmes.

Nigel is a former British Army Officer, who specialised in bomb disposal and counterterrorism. His wealth of knowledge as a subject matter expert in the defence sector includes project work in homeland security; aerospace; oil and gas; airport security operations; critical national infrastructure and major incidents or events. Nigel will work with existing New Century customers and grow its customer base by introducing new service offerings to an ever-changing security sector.






Response to report published by Senator Claire McCaskill on the Legacy programme

27 April 2018

On 26 April Senator McCaskill issued a report on the Legacy programme criticising various contract procurement and management processes as well as repeating various inaccuracies about the outcome of an audit of New Century which she first published in August 2017. When the Senator originally made the allegations we sent a detailed letter correcting these inaccuracies.  To seek to set the record straight we have published a copy of that letter here.