Capacity Building

We build intelligence capacity – the ability to gather information and turn it into useable, effective intelligence. Our expertise has been gained confronting terrorism in Northern Ireland, dealing with unrest in divided societies, and living and working in countries facing an international insurgent threat. We draw on our trusted library of doctrine and proven operational skills to create a bespoke product for every client. Each of our security solutions is flexible, agile and responsive, tailored to local needs and customs. We can deploy small numbers of people or larger teams to work on major projects in both hostile and non-hostile environments. New Century guarantees rapid results on the ground and the ability to create long-term strategic change. Our strategies meet the requirements of government initiatives such as the UK’s Conflict Security and Stabilisation Fund (CSSF) projects.

“I cannot endorse New Century highly enough”
Regional Head, UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation

Intelligence Led Solutions

As the world navigates the new and ever more complex threats of the 21st century, governments and security agencies need the ability to discover and disrupt the networks of insurgents, terrorists and criminals. The best weapon against these networks is intelligence – a valuable force multiplier to police or military action. Maximising it means working differently and solving intelligence puzzles early. New Century provides clients with training and mentoring programmes, complete with doctrine and operational structures, to achieve this outcome. We work in partnership with clients, building best practice by transferring skills to create a blueprint for change that is both achievable and sustainable.

“A superb program which delivers a critical ability to partner national counterinsurgency forces and valuable collateral benefits to US forces”
US Government commissioned independent assessment

Security Sector Reform

Effective security is measured in terms of lives saved and rising levels of public confidence. Security sector reform is typically initiated when existing security structures and operations prove ineffective and unable to cope with the threat to a country, a region or an institution. New Century helps clients build operational capacity on a bedrock of doctrine and structures. We enable our clients to operate independently as the process of reform accelerates.

“The mentors and cultural advisors left clear fingerprints on the performance of our directorate”
MG Majid, Director NIIA Anbar Province, Iraq

Specialist Military Training

Within the world of specialist military training, New Century offers a truly unique service. We provide courses to Tier 1 and Tier 2 Special Forces (SF), ranging from counterterrorism and anti-poaching to covert operations. Our specialists are seasoned former British and US military SF operators and our teams are capable of operating independently or on a multi-agency basis. Their impressive CVs offer our clients diverse specialisms such as hostage extraction, risk management and command and control of operations. What they all have in common is a proven track record and a maturity earned from experience in conflict and unstable environments.

“New Century instructors are the best Coalition instructors in Afghanistan, you will not find better”
Colonel Chester, CSTC-A MOI Divisional Chief responsible for training at the ANITC

Subject Matter Expertise

New Century’s trainers and mentors have gained a global reputation for excellence. We have selected the best names from Tier 1 and Tier 2 special forces, intelligence agencies and specialist police units to create a pool of skills and knowledge. Our personnel, all subject matter experts in their chosen fields, work closely with our clients to embed this expertise at every level from ministry to field office. They carry out assessments, enhance existing skills, transfer know-how, advise on operational structures, adapt and introduce tailored doctrine – whatever is necessary to build capacity.

“By far the most professional operation I’ve seen on a training or service contract in theatre”
Program Lead, ISAF

Doctrine-Based Training and Measured Results

Written, comprehensive doctrine and defined established procedures are at the heart of New Century’s training and capacity-building methodologies, ensuring our work becomes institutionalised within our client organisations. We transfer knowledge and skills in a structured manner with measurable results – we use structured performance and compliance metrics to quantify accomplishments and make sure our programmes are both effective and consistent.

“I have heard nothing but outstanding comments on the instructors”
Maj Tanya Hildebrand CSTC-A INTAG

Interpreters / Accredited Cultural Advisers

Across continents and compass points our ability to build relationships with people is fundamental to our success. We value clear and precise communication, local knowledge and understanding of national and regional sensitivities. To achieve this we have access to a team of cultural and language experts. These personnel are formally assessed by us to meet stringent security-clearance standards. Their value is twofold: they can speak and write a variety of languages, and they support our personnel in delivering courses on the ground and in the classroom.

“With regard to the instructors and SST in particular, most Coalition trainers find it very difficult to adjust to the way Afghan police officers do business, but the Legacy trainers understand and do it seamlessly”
Colonel Hayatullah, Afghan ANITC Commandant